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Some of the employees of Digital Rocket

Vera Fernandes

Co-Founder | Digital Rocket

Working at Digital Rocket is working at a company that has truly followed technological innovation and that values the lives of its employees beyond work.
I consider myself a multifaceted person with two very big passions: team management and the creation of digital content.

In order to reconcile my work as Co-Founder of Digital Rocket and my role as creator of digital content, I need to have a flexible schedule. Here, I found the flexibility of hours that I value so much in a company.

I feel that my work and hobbies are valued and respected in a balanced way, I feel that I am not just another employee forced to comply with the working hours from 9 am to 6 pm to be productive and generate results.

Ana Carolina Albuquerque

Social Media Manager | Digital Rocket

I have a degree in Marketing and Advertising, I was an intern at Digital Rocket and I had the great opportunity to continue working at this agency.

Digital Rocket is an agency that really values all our work and effort, being an agency where I feel truly integrated and where the teamwork is visibly incredible. An agency that is concerned with both the professional life and the personal life of all of us, thus creating a good environment and a good relationship between all.

I work at Digital Rocket as a Community Manager, and I am really happy to work for this agency. Our purpose is to achieve all the clients' objectives, generating a good relationship and contentment.

Here I feel that I am really evolving as a professional, and that every day I learn something new. I love all the magic that this area involves and all the feeling that we introduce in each project carried out.

Eva Santos

Social Media Manager | Digital Rocket

To be working at Digital Rocket is to be working in a healthy corporate environment. My feeling of satisfaction as an element of this team's work is real.

It offers us advantages that meet our needs and help to build a working environment where each element feels really good about working at the agency.

There is a strong balance between professional and personal life, a trustworthy work environment and a great sense of belonging. It is not just another job where I have to show results, it is a job where I have the opportunity to develop, perform, fail, learn and improve to achieve business goals, but also for my evolution as a professional.

Illan Joaquim

Social Game Dev. | Digital Rocket

Digital Rocket has many strengths, but without a doubt, what I value most is the quality of the leadership of its work teams.

Here, leadership is governed by example, instituted by a feedback culture that is capable of transmitting a learning environment and constant evolution, where I feel that I am always in search of reaching my full potential.

The agency realizes that each of us is an important asset that contributes to its growth.

We have a lot to learn and a lot to teach.

At Digital Rocket, even without open positions, we always accept new people as long as they are open to new challenges and maybe become a digital marketing specialist.