marketing digital e publicidade

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One landscape, several interpretations.

Nowadays, the information that is transmitted to us is on a large scale and at a great speed that no human being can retain or filter it if it is not relevance for him. For this relevance to be targeted, there are marketing strategies that are up to the publicity agency to implement.

THE publicity online consists of a group of information dissemination strategies and processes that promote products, services and brands.

Its main objective is to propagate messages in order to meet the company's strategic objectives, reaching its target audience.

The key word of publicity is to communicate. This communication only happens when there is a sender and a receiver, which is successfully transmitted most of the time when the communication strategy is combined with creativity to achieve the results. Here come the publicity agencies.

jornal e media tradicional

Traditional advertising is a form of strategic communication that promotes products, services and brands through physical means. Hardly measurable, and when they are they have a huge deviation from reality. 

The most common channels for this type of advertising are TV, newspapers and magazines on paper and radio 

Online / Digital Advertising

marketing digital e publicidade

THE publicity Online better known as digital marketing is a form of communication that meets all generations in interactive and intuitive digital devices.

This new way of publicity it is seen as an essential tool for any company. It is measurable and with investments of all values.

THE publicity online can be done through social media, search engines or visual ads like video and image.

formas e meios de marketing digital
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