As consequências do coronavírus Covid-19 no meio digital

The relationship of Digital marketing with Coronavirus (Covid19)

The reality is that Covid19 Coronavirus, confirmed data  it is a worldwide problem and is affecting all physical and digital businesses. Some physical organizations have stopped their production altogether while others massively produce basic products.
Digital marketing agencies had to adapt to this new paradigm, the research and habits of users have completely changed.

Don't exploit the situation to your advantage

The first thing we see are companies trying to exploit people's fear, price increases on unreasonable essential goods like protective masks.

Grasping products of this type does not make us entrepreneurs or marketers.


O tráfego orgânico está baixo na maioria dos sectores,  e as conversões caíram drasticamente.

Delivery companies and web conferencing applications have the most traffic. The information channels have a lot of traffic taking advantage of the situation to change SEO schemes and move up the search ranking, with many of these information agents providing a lot of paid content.

Research has drastically changed direction and many digital marketing companies have been forced to pause customer campaigns, goolge ad accounts or other digital advertising platforms.



Black Hat and coronavirus covid19

On the other hand, more doors black hat, there will be more online “Extortion” campaigns, meaning campaigns that promise to offer prizes, campaigns that use the name of the virus to acquire traffic for malicious purposes, pornographic campaigns, and the most serious Subscription Campaigns for Children's Games. Be careful to use the mobile network as well as the placement of your phone number. 


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