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From small businesses to large ones, all brands are boosting their sales through the Internet.


Increase ticket sales: how Leiria Fun Run sold more tickets through digital marketing actions.


In order to promote products or brands through digital media, digital marketing has become an indispensable tool for the success of any project. From small to large companies, Digital Marketing allows brands to develop their identity, create relationships and attract new business through the various strategies that exist.

In our case study, we explored how digital marketing actions boosted the sale of Leiria Fun Run tickets — a 5km run with no time where you can run, walk, crawl with sneakers or fins. Only fun, joy and happiness sharing among friends or family are of interest.


«It had the marketing objective of selling 1,500 tickets. Only through online strategies, more than 2,200 tickets were sold, which corresponded to an increase of 147% in sales. »

Hugo Costa, Campaign Manager, Digital Rocket

Resultado de imagem para sell tickets

Creation of a web page— Site

An dissemination and e-commerce hotsite with the objective of disseminating, informing and selling directly to the public.  

Social networks

Through social networks, brands are able to create a relationship with their audience and for this reason we develop Facebook actions for the dissemination of content capable of connecting the public to the event.

Through paid advertisements, creation of clips and promotion in facebook groups we managed to reach the audience we wanted.

Ads Facebook

Through Facebook Ads we brought the event to a new audience, publicized the event and encouraged the purchase of tickets. We also carry out remarketing campaigns to boost ticket sales with a lower CPA.

Videos / Clips

With the creation of short videos, we made the event spread more quickly in organic terms.

Groups of Facebook

As facebook groups bring together people who have common interests and are an excellent platform to reach a specific target audience, we also chose to advertise in groups in this niche market.

Be a success story

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