Chatbot: a growing trend

Chatbot is a robot that simulates conversations over the internet and answers questions in a chat as if it were human, using artificial intelligence. Chatbot can be present on several platforms and applications, such as on Facebook or on e-commerce sites and is a growing global trend.

Chatbot, uma tendência em crescimento
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It works as a virtual assistant, which interacts through automated messages. Thus, it is possible to program it to answer recurring customer questions and, thus, increase the speed of service. In addition, it is a great way to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your company.

In a more practical way, the chatbot is that pop-up window that appears in the corner of the screen, with an invitation to ask questions. It is a kind of active call center, which is available to the customer before he seeks help.

Many companies choose one or a few processes and structure a flowchart in the form of a dialog to train the chatbot to answer various types of questions about organizational functioning.

The great advantage of using chatbots is the constant availability and reduced response time, which is almost instantaneous. In this way, the relationship with leads and customers improves.

There are many ways to ask the same question and it is not always possible to predict all of these questions. However, through artificial intelligence, chatbots are able to deliver correct answers even if the question is asked in an unscheduled manner.

Chatbots can be simple and work with keywords, navigation patterns and a database with frequently asked questions and answers, or work through a learning process based on artificial intelligence.

How to use artificial intelligence in companies?

An expanding market

Each year, chatbots gain more space in customer service. According to a report by Grand View Research, the chatbots market worldwide is expected to grow by an average of 24.3% per year until 2025, when it is expected to reach the global figure of US$ 1.23 billion.

It is estimated that chatbots can reduce customer service costs by up to 30%. Chatbots are found on various websites, in e-commerce, in mobile applications and within social media platforms such as Messenger, from Facebook, and Whatsapp Business.

The industries that most profit from chatbots are: real estate, tourism, education, healthcare and finance, according to the 2019 Chatbots Life study. 

It must be remembered that chatbots do not entirely replace interaction with a human; there are more complex demands that only an employee will answer. However, for simpler interactions, they are a good resource.

The importance of defining the target audience for each sector

What are the advantages of using a chatbot?

Improve customer relationship

Because it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, chatbots expand communication with your audience and offer agility even at non-conventional times.

Optimize customer service

In all companies, there are some questions that most customers often ask. Having ready answers to these common questions will make team work more efficient, since there is no need to hire an employee to answer the same things every day.

Closer relationship with the customer

Incorporating bots in the sites that the public already uses, such as social networks, facilitate communication and makes the relationship between user and company closer, since it offers convenience for those seeking information about the company.

Improve content marketing strategy

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to register and learn which words are used by users, in order to deliver more effective responses. Therefore, it can be used as part of the content marketing strategy. Based on the message history, the bot can suggest relevant content for the lead or the customer. In addition, using the most used terms, it is possible to create content for your website, attracting even more customers.

Share information within the team

Chatbots can also be applied to a company's internal communication to make work more agile and communication more fluid.

The advantage is to share information in an agile way between teams and departments, by facilitating operational and management tasks. Corporate software, such as Slack, allows the use of bots to automate processes.

Automate sales

Bots can send information entered by the user in the dialog box to the department responsible for that process. In addition, the bot remembers what the customer's preferences are and uses that information when he returns.

Process a large volume of requests

If a company receives many requests at the same time, the use of the chatbot can bring many advantages, as it allows to respond to several people simultaneously.

Better understand your audience

Chatbots can collect a lot of information that helps the company understand its audience, such as location, gender, consumption habits and others. Thus, it is possible to more efficiently target marketing efforts and retain customer loyalty.

Where to use a chatbot?

There are several applications of chatbot in a company. To know where to use it, it is important to outline an objective that the company will achieve with the use of this resource.

The goal will also determine which channel the bot should be available on. It can, for example, be on Facebook (where everyone who enters the page can interact) or on the website itself (usually, it will be the customers who will access it).

With it, it is possible to make sales; communicate with the external public and the company's internal public; answer questions and capture information about users.

1. Ask questions about your products

The chatbot can provide answers to the most common questions from users, quickly and available at any time.

2. Customer service

Customers will find instant answers to questions and quick solutions to their goals. Another option is to open a service request if you have integration with a service software.

3. Schedules and reservations

Scheduling times or booking a space are activities that can be done by chatbots. From the integration, for example, with Google Calendar, it is possible to program the bot with the available options, which can be applied to medical clinics, beauty salons, restaurants and others.

4. Make sales

Chatbots can guide the user through the purchase journey and make sales that have integration with inventory systems and payment methods. While helping the customer find the ideal product or service, they collect data that can generate insights for the company.

5. Capture information

It is possible to program a bot to receive visitors, present solutions and request data for registration. In addition, the most commonly used words, expressions and user path in the chatbot can tell you a lot about it. The user can also provide information on location, consumption habits and others in this dialog.

6. Identify which stage of the funnel the lead is at

From the information about what the user is looking for, it is possible to identify if he is at the top, in the middle or at the bottom of the funnel and, thus, direct marketing to the public more efficiently.

7. Education

In the area of teaching and learning, bots can alert students about exams, indicate the most important content and motivate students, in addition to offering revisions and reinforcement of the content.

8. Entertainment

In the entertainment industry, bots help users choose a movie, series, song, and can interact, for example, with movie or cartoon characters.

Chatbot Trendss

Message exchange platforms

Today it is estimated that 100,000 bots are running on Facebook Messenger alone. With messaging platforms integrated with chatbots, businesses will thus be able to develop more engagement with the brand, more brand recognition, greater customer retention, better customer support and greater capacity to generate sales and leads.

If companies were only able to talk to customers via SMS or email, they can now exchange messages via Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype and other applications.

Voice-activated chatbot

Why spend time writing a message to the bot if you can talk to him? Once again thinking about facilitating customer contact, voice-activated bots are a trend among chatbots. In this way, it is possible to offer an even more personalized experience and improve the user experience with your brand.

Payment automation

Bots can also be used to automate simple payments and allow payment for products and services directly on messaging platforms. Paying directly from Messenger, for example, is a way to make the shopping experience more interesting for the user. It is also a lower cost and scalable product.

In addition, having a bot to help with this process and recommending products, by making the customer experience more personalized, can also generate higher revenue, more loyalty and more satisfaction with the brand.

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