How to choose a Digital Marketing agency?

ideias e motivação em campanhas de marketing digital


Nowadays marketing agencies and companies or Digital Marketing agencies are like mushrooms, they are everywhere. Choosing a suitable agency can be a highly difficult and compromising task.
There are a multitude of qualified agencies promising to be the best in all the services they provide.

“Digital marketing in a brief definition - find out where the target audience is, focus your attention and then create content there.

In the past, people's attention was concentrated on radio, newspapers, TV and other offline media. So it was enough to run ads on these platforms if you wanted to appear to the right audience.

But now it's more complicated. People’s attention is divided on a huge variety of platforms. ”


The problematic

New tactics and digital marketing strategies emerge every day. It can be difficult for busy entrepreneurs to keep up with the latest trends, discover the best ways to use the platforms and become a master in all areas of digital marketing overnight.

That's where hiring an agency can help your company.

Hiring a team of experts to manage the most technical aspects of your marketing strategy allows you to focus on other areas of your company, instead of spending weeks or months trying to find the right person to hire and train. 

How to choose one digital marketing agency?

Before you start looking for a Digital Marketing Agency, make sure you have a few things ready:

  • A defined marketing budget
  • The type of result you expect to achieve
  • Clear goals for everything you want to achieve (defined KPIs)
  • What kind of project are you looking for

Once you've defined all of this, you can start looking for an agency for you and your company.

Full or specialized service?

First, it all depends on the reason for obtaining an agency. It is to handle all digital services or for a specific activity, such as social networks, search engine marketing, etc.

If it is for all digital services, a full-service agency would be more beneficial, or not.

Often times, a complete digital marketing agency is more affordable, but its services fall short of expectations.
A complete agency must have a high level of internal management to align all digital strategies, and it must be specialized in each of these strategies and there are many.
As a rule, “complete” agencies work with specialized agencies (smaller agencies) in each of the digital marketing strategies, grouping all the know how, with the objective of elaborating the final solution to the client, in other words, many times these “complete agencies” are just an aggregator of freelancers or small agencies.


Where to look?

Ideally, the best place to look is at Google - being digital agencies. Full service agencies can be found by looking for 'digital agencies' or 'digital marketing agencies'.

In the search results (SERPs), you can find out more about each agency using social networks and directories.

Use Google Business to see agency reviews, and use organizations like which provide recommendations on which agency to choose depending on the service you're looking for.

What to expect?

When you are in a sector that has a low entry barrier, you will inevitably have to deal with people who claim to know what they are doing, but actually have no idea what digital strategies are.

Marketing is one of those industries.

There are many marketing agencies that promise the world to customers just to close the deal, but the team lacks the necessary skills to deliver the expected results. In the worst cases, these agencies continue to charge money every month and say it will take a long time to see the results of organic traffic, even though they know that their actions will never produce lasting results.

Agencies must also not guarantee state-of-the-art results, because there are many factors involved and specific to each company that can result in a ROI different.

Filter out fraudulent or low quality agencies by asking them for their “secret sauce”. What makes them different? What is their strategy for achieving results? Ask for a quote or an opinion, if they have advice ask them for a little bit of their time so you can understand what you can really expect from the agency.

The price?

You can easily filter low quality agencies through price. Many companies want to save money, so price is usually the first thing they ask. However, if you find an agency that charges low prices, it is likely that they will also show low quality results, manipulated results or black-hat.

Think from their perspective: if an agency is priced too low, how does it have margins on its services? They are less likely to work on a continuous strategy for their business, because there is not much incentive. Agencies that charge higher prices tend to treat their clients as partners, because they know that if sales and awareness increase, they will earn even more.

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