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CTR: How to increase the clickthrough rate in digital marketing campaigns

CTR (Click Through Rate) means clickthrough rate. It is the percentage of people who clicked on an ad after viewing it. It is one of the main metrics to measure the performance of ads made in online campaigns, both for Google Ads and for Social Ads on social networks.

Aumentar o CTR é aumentar o número de visitas à sua página e melhorar suas vendas
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A high CTR means that the ad is useful for the target audience and offers the user what they are looking for. So many people clicked on it. A low CTR says the ad was not relevant to users. 

That is, CTR will show you if your campaign is being effective and what should be optimized. In addition, it reveals which pieces, which call-to-actions, which photos and which offers are best received by the public.

CTR will also impact another metric: cost-per-click (CPC). The more clicks, the lower the cost for each click.

It’s important to remember that CTR should be used as the primary metric for ads that are intended to convert. In a campaign that, for example, focuses on ad views, other metrics like the number of impressions will be more valuable.

How to calculate CTR?

The CTR is calculated from the number of clicks on an ad and the number of views and follows the following formula:

CTR = number of clicks / number of views x 100.

This account will show a percentage result, which is the click-through rate.

For example, if the ad has 100 clicks and 10,000 impressions (views), the CTR will be 1%.

What percentage of CTR is considered good? 

For Adwords, having a high CTR will also allow it to be well positioned, as it influences another metric: the Quality Score or Quality Index (IQ)

IQ ranks ads from 0 to 10. The higher the CTR, the better the Quality Score. That way, more people will see your ad and your CPC (Cost Per Click) may decrease.

The ideal CTR value varies for each niche. It is a consensus that the CTR in the Research Network below 1% is considered bad and above 3% is already beginning to be satisfactory. There is no right value and the higher the better. Therefore, a great CTR on the Search Network is above 10%. In the AdWords Display Network, a CTR between 0.5% and 1% is considered good.

How to choose a digital marketing agency?

How to increase CTR?

If your ad isn't converting, a few changes can make a difference when it comes to attracting the customer to click on it. So here are some tips to increase your clickthrough rate.

1. Have a defined strategy

Defining an efficient strategy is a very important step, as it will facilitate good placement of the ad and will help you make decisions and get better results.

2. Improve your CTA (call to action)

CTA or call to action means call to action. That is, it is the phrase that will define for the user what he should do in front of that ad. Tell the user exactly what to do, but be creative and don't use “Click Here”.

Phrases like “Sign up”; "Guarantee your place"; "Make your reservation"; “Call Now” are some examples of CTAs.

When the user clicks, they need to be directed to the page where they will complete the action or leave the site, which can increase their bounce rate (bounce rate is a quality metric on the site, which measures how much each user continues to browse it).

3. Write headlines that draw attention

A good title and good descriptions can lead to many conversions. To create a good text, it takes creativity and a little technical knowledge.

Some tips are: use numbers to get attention; deliver a quick solution that makes the user feel like clicking on your ad; choose and use a keyword that is relevant to your audience; and use adjectives to make the text lighter and differentiate yourself from competitors.

4. Create a landing page aligned with your goal

The Landing Page where the user arrives after clicking on your ad must be formulated for what you want the public to do. For example: is the idea that he fills out a form? It should then be at the beginning of the page. If you want him to call you, then you need a direct dial button.

5. Use a URL that has to do with the keyword

Many users pay attention to the website they are targeting and are concerned that it is safe and has to do with the searched keyword. Remember to use a URL that has to do with the user’s search.

6. Use the right keywords

There needs to be a relationship between the text ads, the keywords used and the landing page text. Only then can we guarantee an ad with a good quality index and the possibility of achieving a better CTR.

7. Explore the sense of urgency and mental triggers

Offering discounts for a limited time, announcing offers that are running out, or offering something unmissable can turn visitors into leads and increase your CTR. Offering a free quote, a discount until tomorrow or a free product just today are some of the strategies that can be used.

8. Bet on seasonal dates

Dates like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day can generate more clicks on your ads. But don't forget to focus on the dates that matter for your business segment.

9. Do the right targeting

If your ads aren't showing to the right audience, they won't get clicks. Therefore, it will be necessary to review keywords and other more specific targeting criteria to create more assertive campaigns.

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