Landing Page: what it is and how to create one

Landing Page is a page whose main focus is lead generation and conversion. They have few elements, are focused on a main CTA and lead the visitor to take a specific action.

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Your page can attract a lot of visits, but in order to increase sales it is important to be in direct contact with your potential customers. It is at this point in your marketing and sales strategy that Landing Pages come into play.

They are generally used to offer something in exchange for visitor information, such as downloading an ebook or spreadsheet, a special discount, subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for an online course or a webinar, among others. In return, the potential customer will provide your contact details and other information.

In other words, it is possible to educate that visitor about the product or service offered by your company and start a relationship with someone who is interested in your company's products or services.

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Landing Page or Homepage?

Remember: Landing Page is not the same as homepage!

The homepage is the page that the user finds when accessing your website. It will possibly have a menu and will contain information such as what the company does and the contact.

Landing Page has a very specific objective, focused on lead generation and conversion, although it can also be used to inform about a subject or product.

Tips for creating Landing Pages that convert

  • Do not put too many elements on your Landing Page. Items such as menu or excessive text will distract the visitor from the purpose of the page.
  • Offer something that has value for your customer. There is no point in sharing content with him that can be found anywhere.
  • Make a headline that makes a visual impact and catches the eye of your potential customer. It has to be a promise that he cannot resist and that is in line with your offer.
  • Always use an impact image so that the potential customer has a sample of your content, that illustrates the product or that only composes the look of the page.
  • Focus on just one main CTA to guarantee the conversion, for example “Download now”; "Access the content"; "Schedule your consultancy", among others.
  • The form must ask for at least the name and email of the visitor. Other information must have to do with the characteristics that make a person a potential customer. Be careful not to overdo the data and keep leads away.
  • Always use responsive design! Currently, the main form of internet access is through smartphones.

What is remarketing?

A / B testing

To increase the conversion of Landing Pages, you must perform A / B tests. To achieve this, it is necessary to choose an element (CTA text, CTA color, background image, title, etc.) and put the test on the air, noting which one has the best performance.

That way, it will be possible to understand what works best with your audience and which of those options generated the most conversions for your material. 

These tests can be performed using automation tools, which you can see below.

5 tools to create Landing Pages

  1. Unbounce

A simple Landing Pages builder that works by dragging and dropping. It has some advantages: first, it allows the construction of pages with responsive design for a better response on mobile. Second, you can either use the platform design options or create a layout from scratch. Finally, it is also a great A / B testing platform.

  1. Instapage

It is a simple software for creating and optimizing landing pages, very intuitive and works with drag and drop. There are more than 100 layout templates available for different purposes. In addition, the service also offers the user access to an image bank with photos and vectors to be used on the page.

  1. Ion Interactive

It is a tool that allows you to create interactive experiences and content with a high level of engagement. In addition, it has several templates and allows you to create variations of the same Landing Page for different countries and needs.

  1. RD Station

RD Station is an easy tool, in Portuguese and ideal for small and medium companies. It is also a tool that allows integration between the marketing and sales teams and, finally, it is cheaper than others in the market.

  1. Hubspot

It is one of the most used automation systems in the world. It allows integration with other tools and manages contacts when they are passed on to the sales team. It is, in fact, a great ally in the analysis of results, as it offers a huge variety of data on the history of the leads generated.

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