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What is remarketing?

O Remarketing or Retargeting is strategy in digital marketing and a tool that, as the name implies, returns to marketing to users who showed interest in a particular product or service, so as to attract the consumer again and reinforce their purchase intention.

5 Estratégias Avançadas de Remarketing no Google Ads

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In practice, when a user accesses a website, a “bookmark” is generated. When this user visits other sites that accept adverts at Google Display Network, through a cookie that is recorded on this user's computer, the display of adverts brands or products with which the user has previously had access.

When using Google Ads, the advertiser has two options: display the ad on Search Network or on Display Network. 

In the first case, the ad is displayed on the search results pages. The Display Network is made up of thousands of sites that offer ad slots Google Ads, through the Google Adsense program.

Remarketing allows you to expose the user to an ad on the Display Network, from the previous interest on that site. With each new website that the user accesses, if he has a network, the ads are displayed for him.

What are the benefits of remarketing?

Increase conversion rate

Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy that is widely used and that aims to increase conversions.

In a few cases, the consumer makes the purchase in the first survey. Upon seeing the product or service again, the consumer may have a new contact with him, which means for the company a new chance to close a sale.

Greater brand exposure

This strategy can be considered a kind of follow up from the world of digital marketing. It increases the chances of conversion, but also the opportunities for the customer to remember your brand grow.

Good strategy for online stores

With good results, remarketing started to be incorporated by thousands of companies, especially online stores. For example, using this technique can reduce the abandonment rate of shopping carts.


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