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Target Audience, Example of audiences for various sectors

O target Audience it is a group of people who represent a similar profile to which a brand or company directs its Communication to get the best results from marketing strategies and conversion rates.

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Basically, it's a group of people who live in a certain place, have a certain age group, gender, education level, interests and etc. Therefore, they are the potential consumers of a particular brand.

With the definition of the target audience, it is possible to create strategies for marketing targeted and effective to the public in question.

Companies can have different types of target Audience. Characterizing them efficiently is fundamental to the success of the marketing strategy.

Audience vs. Persona

Both concepts have the same objective: to characterize who are the prospects that company.

The idea of target Audiencehowever, it is more comprehensive: it is a group of people to whom a particular company wants to sell. The persona would be the personification of an ideal customer.

Defining your audience

To define this group, it is necessary to take into account some characteristics of that potential audience that one wants to reach, such as:

  • Genre
  • Age / Age range
  • Education level
  • Average yield
  • Social class
  • Geographic location
  • Consumption habits (do you prefer price or quality? Do you like promotions? Do you use online or offline channels?)

The definition of persona it will start from the characterization already made and take into account more personal elements. For persona, it is attributed name, age, profession and personality characteristics, such as hobbies, values, marital status, number of children, lifestyle, interests, etc.

Audience examples

For example, if your company is a travel agency that sells low-cost packages online, its audience will probably be young people, between 20 and 30 years old, with average income level and who like promotions on the internet. 

Still in the travel segment, if your company is a VIP room manager from airports, your audience will be completely different: people aged 35 to 60, who like to travel in comfort and have high purchasing power.

Already for a flower shop, for example, the audience is wider. In that case, the product range will determine who will be part of this group. If the florist sells flower pots and bouquets, the public will be more formed by people who want to give gifts to loved ones, such as couples and families.

If ornamental plants are sold that are in fashion (such as the Adam's rib), the target audience may be young people, attuned and of medium to high income. In case the store focuses on seeds for planting, the target audience may be people who have backyards or farmers. All these audiences, however, have something in common: they are people who like nature.

When to think about who is your target audiencetherefore, it is necessary to combine the product or service characteristics with characteristics of those who would be willing to consume that product or service.

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