Que tipo de conteúdo postar em cada rede social?

What kind of content to post on each social network?

Que tipo de conteúdo postar em cada rede social?
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Worldwide, more than 3.8 billion people access social networks, mostly through mobile devices. Social networks are an excellent channel for direct relationship with the consumer and, certainly, should be part of your company's marketing strategy, where content is king. But it is not always easy to know what type of content to post on each social network.

Social networks are like a huge showcase of visibility for brands, where you can showcase your products and services, in addition to interacting with customers and potential customers. With the exposure generated on social networks, companies will receive more visits to your website and will generate more leads and, thus, more sales.

It is also on social networks that the customer will talk (good or bad) about your company and, from these interactions, it is possible to acquire even brand advocates. Being well positioned, therefore, is an asset for your company.

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Which social networks should a company be on? And what kind of content to post on each social network? Check out their profile below.

Tabela de Conteúdos


  • The largest network in the world, with 2.4 billion users
  • More than half of the public is between 18 and 34 years old. However, many young people have ceased to be active in the network, which makes the network attractive for those looking for an older target audience
  • 98% of companies use Facebook
  • It's a great social network to share not only information about your products and services, but also for blog articles on your website and to share news about your business
  • The organic reach of brands has fallen and to stand out, a good Facebook Ads strategy is essential. One out of every 7 people in the world has Facebook, so there is a huge potential for reach on this network
  • The Facebook Live feature, for live videos, has generated more delivery and more engagement


  • It is one of the fastest growing networks and has 1 billion users
  • It's a visual social network, so you need to bet on beautiful photos and videos that catch the audience's attention
  • Allows direct in-app sales through the Instagram Store
  • It's a great network to work with influencers
  • The use of hashtags can enhance the content
  • Through Instagram Stories, brands develop proximity to customers
  • It's a good network for promotions and polls


  • It is video-based and has 2 billion active users
  • The consumption of videos on the internet grows every year and is one of the most effective ways to present your company to the customer
  • According to a Google study, 40% of consumers claim to have purchased a product they discovered on Youtube
  • Companies can, for example, publish informational and promotional videos and show features of the products they are selling
  • It is a good lead nutrition strategy, as it generates engagement and interest with the brand


  • It has 2 billion active users and is a tool that allows a very close relationship with the customer
  • Offers the Whatsapp Business tool, for companies
  • Direct and quick contact with the customer, creating a bond. Therefore, it is always necessary to respond quickly to the questions of customers and potential customers.
  • Has a quick response tool, those used most often
  • Allows the use of automatic messages, such as greeting and absence messages
  • Allows direct contact with the after-sales customer, which creates the opportunity to build customer loyalty
  • Exploring stickers can also be a way to gain more visibility for your business

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