TikTok: Everything you need to know about the current social network

It was launched in 2016, with the mission of inspiring creativity and bring joy. Today is the application of the moment and last year has exceeded the Instagram and Facebook in downloads with almost 60 million installations.

In this post let's try to demystify this application and explain if your brand create an account and how you can use it for your promotion.

What is TikTok?

O TikTok, was created by a Chinese technology company called—ByteDance, is an application of social media that allows you to record, edit and share short videos 15 or 60 seconds with musical overlays, sound effects and visual effects.

What kind of content can you create on TikTok?

O TikTok simplified the creation and sharing of videos due to its short format, its creation and exhibition are fast and do not require much time in its production. All users need to do is record anything from their day, edit with the insertion of some effects or not and publish the video instantly.

With a fun positioning these are some of the posts most common applications:

  • Music videos or montages

In this type of publications small video clips are created where people try to synchronize with the music. In this example, it is possible to see a group of people synchronizing a dance with the music.



♬ Nanana Remix - tiafuentes212
  • Humorous videos

Most post of TikTok has as main objective to generate some laughs. Here is a good example of an “excellent” singer scaring people on the escalators.


Didn't mean to scare them like that 😅🤣

♬ Hips Don't Lie - soymiguelgon
  • Videos with filters

In the videos of TikTok it is possible to add special effects. In this example we have the creators using a face filter.


Original original sound - numeiro
  • Duet videos

Through the option duets, it is possible to respond to a post musical recording itself video in the same song. O video will be displayed side by side with the post original. This is a good example of a duet in the video.


##duet with @ christion.drew should I start doing more duets! If so with who ???

♬ Put It Down remix by ur fav couple - wowbrey
  • Challenge Videos

At the TikTok there are many videos of challenges. Are videos that usually encourage you to do something strange. In this example you can see one of the most popular challenges in the TikTok #handemojichallenge.


Took me a while to get the last one 🖖

♬ Lalala - İlkan Gunuc Remix - danilla_carvalho

What are the features of TikTok?

The use of this App, goes much further than the types of content I mentioned above and is much more than watching and creating videos. It is application also allows for interaction among other users of TikTok and it is possible to follow other accounts, leave hearts, comments or share the videos that we like. 

It is application also allows you to segment the videos across hashtags. And so, as in Instagram, it is possible to find different themes with the terms inserted after the “#”.

How could I help being TikTok like other social networks it also has a space for posts direct.

In to explore, in the search box you can Search for hashtags, keywords, users, videos and sound effects. 

In a user's profile TikTok we can see the number of accounts that follows, the number of followers and the grand total of the number of hearts that this user has received as well as its description.

To add friends simply search for the user's name or use that friend's unique TikCode.

To watch the videos just open the App and the videos start playing automatically one by one. You will quickly realize that it is very easy to spend hours inside this application watching a multitude of fun, funny and highly addictive videos.

Brands and TikTok?

Thanks to its popularity and the type of content its main focus is the video, O TikTok offers brands a variety of unique marketing opportunities marketing and brand recognition, although in a first analysis this application it might just look like a repository of publications disassociated from each other.

To succeed in TikTok, brands have to think about a creative strategy. The United Nations stood out in this App when they launched a dance challenge to spread awareness about issues such as global warming and hunger in the world, with the UN's #danceforchange challenge.


Let's get it! - ##foryou ##danceforchange ##tiktok_deutschland ##dance ##love ##music @tiktok_deutschland

♬ Freedom - Mr. Eazi, Guiltybeatz, J. Derobie

Another organization that managed to create great prominence was the Guess. The brand encouraged TikTok users to film a video while wearing a new line of pants from Guess, with the #inMyDenimChallenge challenge.

The challenges of hashtag seems to be the most popular approach to communication in the TikTok, but there are other ways to communicate a brand in this app.

Through TikTok Ads it is possible to create paid ads, these ads are between 5 to 15 seconds, are essentially videos TikTok promoted that appear on the feed and can direct you to click on an internal or external page. Users can also share, like, comment and click on the paid ad.

At brands are also taking advantage of this social network to collaborate with influencers and celebrities who help brands create specific promotional content.

THE brand you can also create your own filters and your own music and invite influencers to promote your challenge. You can see an example of the brand of cookies here Oreo:


##ad My favorite way to make decisions… @oreo Original is the best! ##whatsyourstuf

♬ What's Your Stuf? (Original) - OREO Official

Some of these examples that I mentioned are of great brands, but these examples can be very useful for small businesses and serve as a form of inspiration that can even be used on other platforms, such as Instagram.

Should I develop a TikTok strategy for my brand?

The numbers in this application do not leave anyone indifferent and it is clear that brands, come the TikTok as an opportunity to generate more connection with your audience, but before your brand decides to create an account on this social network, remember that it App have a target Audience very well targeted - 41% of its users are between 16 and 24 years old, it is a very young audience and the majority of them are teenagers.

The age group is not the only factor that should be taken into account, not least because, over time and due to the popularity of App, O TikTok will start to be used by an older audience and the type of content that is published may change.

Another aspect that must be analyzed by the brand is whether the profile of App does fet with your brand profile. O TikTok it is a fun application with a very young profile, so if your brand has a more formal, conservative profile and an older audience, communicating on this platform may not bring the desired results for the brand.

However and like all communication strategies, the use of this App must be thought out and adapted to the reality of your brand in order to conquer your audience in the TikTok.

TikTok in the future?

As you had the opportunity to realize with this article, the popularity of TikTok is surprising, but nothing guarantees us that this application will reach the success of Instagram or the YouTube. For the application to maintain its level of growth, you will need to innovate and find new ways to engage with your users.

If I have noticed that the TikTok was the application that was missing in the market to communicate your brand, do it now download gives App and get to know and try the platform to stay one step ahead of your competition.

If you still have doubts keep this application under eye, as its growth and lack of competition may, over time, make this App one of the main networks of social media to promote your brand.

In short, the important thing is to evaluate all the points and understand how the TikTok can benefit your brand to achieve better results. The secret of everything is to build a good marketing strategy adapted to your audience to be able to involve you and increase brand awareness through new audiences.

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